I can’t even think of a title never mind write a decent post…

I know, my blog has been terrible lately. I’m even boring myself, and that takes some doing. I’m sorry people! But I haven’t managed to make it home before 8pm once this week, and once I do get in there’s still food to be made and everything. It’s kind of difficult to be interesting in these circumstances. I’m sure I’ll manage to write something that’s worth reading soon though. Just give me a week… or three.

So today the course materials arrived for my next Open University course. I’m doing to the October presentation of “Science Starts Here”. Don’t ask me how I think I’m going to manage to work full time, write a dissertation and complete an OU course all at the same time.  I’m still in hands over ears, lalala I’m not listening mode on that one at the moment. I’m sure I’ll work something out though…

Umm, I’m sure I should have more to say. I just can’t remember what it is…

7 thoughts on “I can’t even think of a title never mind write a decent post…

  1. Come visist my blog to see the picture of the butter cow. If you love it I have a few more, from different angles. You can blog later about how completely insane Americans are.

    So where does Science start, exactly?

  2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. And organize. That’s what helps me through super-busy periods. I make lists and schedules and if I’m panicked enough, I do stick to them and eventually, I get through it all. And if I end up having to drop something, oh well. At least no people or animals are hurt or killed in the process!

  3. I’ve been rather busy, too. Gonna look up something to study. I gotta get a master’s sometime soon.

    Hope the next couple weeks settle down somewhat so you can blog and I have something lengthy to read. 🙂

  4. Amanda – thanks

    pinklea – but I don’t do organised….

    Welsh Girl – you may be waiting a while though…

    incoherent – thanks. If I don’t find something to blog about soon I’m going to start just making stuff up!

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