Greetings from the Arctic

I am back from my weekend away and have much to tell you about. Unfortunately I can’t right now, for two reasons.
Number one is because I’m so tired my eyes hurt if I even think about looking at the screen. It’s only 8:15 pm but as soon as I’ve eaten my tea (which has finally finished cooking) I plan to go to bed. And what’s number two I hear you cry. Well, that would be the fact that my living room is so cold my hands are actually numb… and typing with gloves on is almost as crap as typing when you can’t feel your fingers. I’m planning on eating in the bedroom because it’s the only place that’s even vaguely warm!
And we’re currently only mid-way through October. I dread to think what the winter’s going to be like this year!

5 thoughts on “Greetings from the Arctic

  1. sleepyjane – tomorrow, I promise!

    Jessica – In certain parts of England you can šŸ˜‰ It’s just the northern word for the evening meal (for us dinner is what you eat at lunch time).

    Ali – I’m doing my best!

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