I swear I used to have a life…

Shall I tell you what I did today?
I took a train to Mannheim, bought a tram ticket so I won’t have to waste time doing it on Monday morning… then I took the next train back. This is perfectly normal behaviour, right?
Oh, and last night – and please bear in mind that it was Friday – I was in bed by 8:30pm. Admittedly that was mostly because my living room is freezing (usually when I’m alone I end up playing on the Internet til 3am), but still… I’m fairly sure as an unmarried and unchildrened 26 year old I should have been out partying or something. Instead I was at home, alone, in bed with only a science text book for company.
I don’t suppose any of my readers feel like moving to Germany and befriending me for real?!

5 thoughts on “I swear I used to have a life…

  1. Germany is probably my next vacation destination, though I don’t think I want to move there (I speak French, not German). I’ve been several times, but Porsche Guy hasn’t, so he’s very eager to get there. He’d be difficult though, since all he wants to do is check out the Porsches in Stuttgart and then rent one and drive around and around the Nurburgring! That’s it, no sightseeing at all. So, I’d have plenty of time to visit you because I’d be on my own an awful lot!

  2. Hails – as exciting as your experience sounds so far, I think I’d rather stay here and be lonely forever than take up teaching again. Stupid 12 year old German boys have scarred me for life…

    Amanda – well at least come and visit me then 😉

    Pinklea – ooh, Stuttgart isn’t even that far away! 😉

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