Questions upon questions

Yes, it’s one of those posts again…

  • Why do so many people here feel the need to run across the road in front of trams? I’m sure you’re in a big hurry, but trust me, getting hit by a tram isn’t going to get you to your destination any quicker…
  • Speaking of trams: why does the display thingy insist on telling me my tram is coming “sofort” (immediately) when it is nowhere in sight and will clearly not be turning up anything like ‘sofort’
  • Why does my kitchen still smell weird even though I’ve taken the rubbish out?
  • Why do I have almost not of my wages left already when the month has only just started?
  • Why has the translation book I ordered for 30 euros which Amazon claimed should be here by 30th October not arrived yet? (Question for my UK readers, if I actually have any – surely you can’t all have gone off to France and Korea?: Is Royal Mail on strike? That might explain it…)
  • Why is my wash basket so full?
  • Why are crisps so addictive?
  • Why is my flat so cold?
  • Why are so many people I know pregnant? (Every time someone gives birth another person makes the “expecting” announcement. It’s madness!)
  • Why is it not the weekend yet?

4 thoughts on “Questions upon questions

  1. Great questions. ;] The thing about the kitchen smell though…sometimes I notice that ours smell a little weird. J says it’s because bits of food go down the drain and lie there and get all mucky. I usually just pour some bleach down the drain and let it sit there for about 15 minutes. It seems to help.

  2. and i thought it’s only here where people run in front of trams, with double-decker buses as well…maybe they have the feeling they have 9 lives or what?

    i think everyone’s getting pregnant except me. and you. ^.^

  3. Ali – at least I’m not the only crap one 😉

    sleepyjane – unfortunately it’s not the drain thing. It doesn’t smell like drain, and anyway it actually gets better the coser I am to the sink.

    odette – or they think they’re invincible?
    It’s so true… everyone is pregnant!

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