Hello… and goodbye

I’m going away again tomorrow. Actually, that’s not strictly accurate (but when has this blog ever been?). This time I’m not just going away, but being sent away. Work is sending me on a seminar. A two day seminar… the two days being Friday and Saturday(!) in Cologne. So we (my colleague and I) are leaving tomorrow straight after work. Annoyingly, I should have been going to Vienna with Jan this weekend – it’s a friend of his 30th birthday and there’s a party. But it cannot be helped. At least I’ll get to see the Cologne Christmas market though… it’s supposed to be nice.

And now I have to go and figure out a way to get 2 pairs of socks washed and dried in time for me to pack them in my going away for the weekend bag. The radiators shall be on full blast tonight methinks…


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