All I want is to get my clothes clean…

Thanks to my Christmas bonus and the fact that people gave me money for Christmas, I’ve actually still got a fair amount of my wages left despite my spending spree at the weekend and the fact that the month is more than half over. So I’ve decided the time has come to buy a washing machine. I just can’t take much more handwashing, and since Jan so rarely gets round to taking stuff to his to be washed (mainly because he spends most of his time here) I do end up handwashing pretty much everything. Unfortunately I have to wait until Jan has time before I can actually go and buy one – him being the one that drives and all that – but not being able to purchase does not affect my ability to look, so after work today off I went to Media Markt, only to leave 20 minutes later feeling utterly dazed. The cheapest washing machine I saw was €499. That’s nearly five hundred Euros! Or, to put it antoher way, almost half of my wages (once the German government have taken most of it away from me for various taxes and insurances). Is it just me or is that a lot? I mean, I only want it to wash my clothes, not do tricks, cook tea or clean the toilet. I think tomorrow I’ll go to Saturn. Maybe they’ll have something more in my price range…


12 thoughts on “All I want is to get my clothes clean…

  1. media markt is not the cheapest place around (though they make you feel like it). do you have to get a toploader (the small, lean ones) or can you fit one with a bullseye? the latter ones are cheaper though i doubt you’ll find anything below 350.

    maybe you can find a used one? look at local newspaper/ads, maybe folks are moving and want to sell their machine.

    good luck,

  2. Thanks Franzi. I know Media Markt isn’t as cheap as their adverts make out, but I got my fridge from there for a quite reasonable price so I thought I would have a look. The thing is, I don’t really know where else to go. There is Saturn, but they are basically just Media Markt with another name. And other thank that… keine Ahnung.
    350 euros would be ok, that’s more what I was imagining. 150 euros extra doesn’t seem like much, but takes it beyond what I can afford to spend!

  3. Don’t skimp on a washing machine. Cheap ones break really quick, and it’ll end up costing you more. If you have to, save some more if you can’t afford a decent one.

  4. I’d defintely try for a second hand one and save some cash! Though of course I don’t know what the market is like for 2nd hand washing machines in Germany…. Hope you get one soon though – must be soooo annoying not having one – I’m on the hunt for a tumble dryer – pure luxury in my book!

  5. This is another way in which Europe is different than Canada: our appliances generally come with apartments or houses so we usually don’t have to buy our own. Except washers and dryers in most rental apartments, however. There’s often no place for them there, but there will be at least one laundry room in the building. Houses will have them, though, and for about the past 25 years, there will be a dishwasher built in too.

  6. how about you look for one you like at media markt/saturn and then check if it’s cheaper online and buy there. they deliver and hook everything up, too!

    is there a laundromat in town? they have huge machines and while you are out shopping/running errands you can wash and dry your laundry.


  7. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to use a laundry service? A fluff and fold thing like they do in America? Have they got that with you??? Otherwise try online. It will be cheaper and they will deliver….

  8. more – but why does less money have to be skimping? Why can’t I have a reasonably priced washing machine that’s good quality as well!

    Anna/ sleepyjane – I wouldn’t even know where to look for a 2nd hand one to be honest!

    pinklea – in most German flats there isn’t even a built in kitchen – people take theirs with them when they move out – including the kitchen sink! They also take the light fittings… it’s a very strange country!

    Welsh girl – fluff and fold?! Sounds interesting. Do they do your washing for you then?? I’ve only seen landrette places where you go in, stick your washing in a machine then you can either hang around waiting for the machine to finish or, i suppose go away and come back (hoping noone stops your machine and sticks their own stuff in in the meantime). Never reallly fancied those to be honest.
    The problem with the ordering online and having it delivered thing is that I would have to be in when the stuff gets delivered… and I can’t just opo home when they ring as I work elsewhere.

    Rebeka – I miss Tescos!

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