If I could turn back time…

Today was utterly, utterly pants. It’s not even like anything specific went wrong. Just every single thing I started to do seemed to take much longer than it should have (including a job that was actually fairly easy, but ended up taking half an hour longer than the planned time. Not good this close to the end of my probation period). Every single time I got started on something I had to stop and do something else… answer the phone, reply to an e-mail, install a random piece of software. Grr. If only I had a time machine so I could rewind to 7 o’clock this morning and start over…


6 thoughts on “If I could turn back time…

  1. did you have a feedback talk already? they should talk to you if you are towards the end of your probation period.

    don’t stress yourself. if you did well in the past months, one or two bad days will not break your stride!


  2. “If I coul tuuuurn back time…if I could fiiiiind a wayyyy…” haha Thanks for that, I had Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance stuck in my head and it got old. πŸ˜‰ Now I have new song stuck in my head.

    Also-so sorry you had a shitty day. Mine was much like yours, stopping and starting. Sucks really bad!

  3. lifestartsnow – I had my halfway-through-the-Probezeit talk in November. It went well, I think. But I can’t bring myself to be too hopeful just yet…

    sleepyjane – lol, you’re most welcome πŸ˜‰

    pinklea – it was a better day. Shame I couldn’t do the job I was so slow on again (or just erase my times from the record…)

  4. I hate days like that! Sometimes they begin the moment foot hits floor in the morning! I just know it will be a rough day if I have to change my outfit before going to work because I can’t stand the way it looks. Self fulfilling prophecy? I don’t think so!

    (I came here from Cynical’s blog)

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