The shopping is put away, tea is just about ready… all I need now is for the boyfriend to arrive so we can eat. In the meantime, I shall blog.

Things have been much better since the last time I blogged, thank goodness. Another day like Monday may just have driven me insane! I am very much looking forward to the weekend though, when I shall hopefully be buying my washing machine. (Yes, I did just say I was looking forward to buying a washing machine. My life is really is that exciting). If I can find one that’s cheap enough I may even see if I can pursuade Jan to take me to IKEA. I’ve been looking at their website and several things have caught my eye. Like this, and this. Can you tell I got paid yesterday?

Things had started to warm up a bit here last week, but now it’s gone cold again. It was -8°C here this morning! I had to wait 5 minutes for my tram to turn up and even in that short time I could feel my cheeks turning to ice. I’m just glad I don’t live in the north of Germany… up there -9 has been the highest temperature, with lows in the minus twenties. Brrr, just thinking about it makes me shiver!

Hmm, what else can I tell you? It’s my Grandma’s birthday today. The last of the (many!) January birthdays in my family. I hope her card got there on time… I’m not holding my breath though. Royal Mail have been annoying me lately… two things I sent my sister have not yet arrived (one of them was a Christmas card so you can imagine how long it’s been since I posted that) and my friend’s wedding present has only just arrived, 3 weeks after I sent it for the second time! The first time it came back to me over a month after I took it to the post office.  Not at all impressed! Oh, and I’ve also been invited to four hen parties today… all for the same person, and to a second one for someone who had already invited me to one of theirs. Is this he new thing now, having millions of hen nights? Any excuse for a party I suppose…

Right, I’m off to grate some cheese now. Hopefully Jan won’t take too much longer… lunch time was hours ago and my poor stomach is rumbling like mad!


6 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Ok, some quick Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion tells me that -9 would be warmer than it currently is here in Minnesota. That would be a heat wave! Well, sort of.

    Love the stuff from IKEA. 🙂

  2. Amanda – I’m in the warm bit of Germany. I bet the people up north think the same as you.
    IKEA furniture is the best 🙂

    sleepyjane – lol, thanks

    goodbadiffy – your extreme temperatures do not impress me… I stand by my description of -9 as cold 😛 (Seriously though – I hope you warm up soon. The coldest it’s been here was -13 and that was PAINFUL!).

  3. I love IKEA also but the nearest store is 4 hours away. *sadness* I wish they’d sell more stuff Online so I could buy them out! ha

    It’s -8 here as I type this. I’m one of the few weird people who love Winter. I suppose I should live in Syberia then, yeah?

    Good luck finding a new washing machine that you like that doesn’t cost the Earth!

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