T minus 27 days and counting…

It is now February, and we all know what February means, don’t we? It means I have reached the final month of my probation period at work. One day down, 27 to go and then… the moment of truth. Will I be allowed to continue working there, or or will everything that’s gone wrong with the latest big job tip the scales in the other direction? Only time will tell… in the meantime I’m working like a demon and trying not to think about it too much. Which shouldn’t actually be too difficult this week… if today is any indication of what’s to come I won’t have time to think until at least Friday afternoon. Don’t bother coming here for any wit and wisdom this week, my brain has already turned to mush and it’s only Monday! (Not that it’s worth coming here for wit and wisdom any week, but that’s besides the point…).

Anyway, that’s enough rambling for today. The boyfriend is on his way home and I haven’t even started making tea yet. I’d better getting cracking or I’ll never get to bed tonight!
Oh, and in case anyone was wondering I didn’t go and buy a washing machine at the weekend. The trip to IKEA didn’t come off either. I did manage to buy a new quilt cover from REAL though. That’s good too, right? Baby steps…


5 thoughts on “T minus 27 days and counting…

  1. Thanks to all over you. I keep trying to tell myself that this month will be fine (why shouldn’ it be – the rest of them were?) but after the experiences with the last job I’m cautious.

    sleepyjane – maybe, when my camera battery is charged again 🙂

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