In which I go slightly overboard on the brackets…

Work was pretty good today, but busy. Very, very busy. It’s only Tuesday and already I’m exhausted! So instead of doing some washing (which was my plan for tonight) I’ve spent the last 20 minutes ordering books from Amazon as a “treat” to myself (for what I’m not sure). This Internet shopping malarkey is really bad for my bank balance! But on the plus side it means I’m actually getting somewhere with one of my goals… I’m up to 9 books read from the never-ending list (5 of them in January… no wonder the past month seems to have flown by without me even noticing – I’ve apparantly spent most of it with my nose in a book!) plus one German children’s book, whcih I am counting towards the 101 things list even though I technically read it for my dissertation and not because I desperately wanted to read a book by Eric Kästner. I really need to start reading some non-fiction books though… I’ve been saying for ages that I want to. Instead I find myself going through my Amazon recommendations, adding even more books to the list (can you believe the boyfriend actually has the never to tell me he finds it difficult to choose birthday and Christmas presents for me? There’s a ready-made list full of the perfect gifts just sitting, waiting for him to pay attention to it!). I failed on the monthly photo theme again (maybe 50 photos was a little too ambitious?) so it’s good to know I’ve managed to get somewhere with something…

I’ve also started to get back into cross stitch lately. A few weeks ago I picked up a project that I stopped working on months ago and I’ve come surprisingly far since then. It was supposed to be a birthday present for Jan’s mum in 2008! Hopefully I’ll actually manage to get it to her this year. I have until November, which should be do-able as long as I don’t stop again…

Ooh, and I’ve just realised, the package that arrived for me today is probably another cross stitch kit that I ordered… a wedding sampler for one of the couples I know who are taking the plunge (Yes, you read that right. I said one of the couples. There are a few…) I hope it is – I’m really looking forward to getting started on that one.


4 thoughts on “In which I go slightly overboard on the brackets…

  1. I think you should rewrite the “50 photos” task and make it a more manageable number. Even if it’s only something like 5, it will be better to end up with 5 than none because the number was too high and daunting for you to even try! This way you don’t have to give up.

    As for non-fiction books, I’ve spent the past year obsessed with war stories. Five Chimneys by Olga Lengyel is an account of an Aushwitz survivor, and is one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever read. Currently reading A Woman In Berlin, which was sent to me by a friend, and it’s giving me a point of view I never considered before. It’s a personal account written during the Soviet occupation of the city at the end of WWII. I recommend both of those, not that you need any more recommendations!

  2. Franzi – 5 books is hardly any by my standards! The boyfriend says I read so fast it scares him…

    Hails – Don’t worry, I’m not giving up. It would just be a lot easier to actually take pictures if I wasn’t at work for the entire time that it’s light outside. Roll on long days!
    I can never have too many book recommendations… keep ’em coming!

  3. I’m not really a fan of monthly goals… they’re too hard to accomplish. You could amend the goal to completing a specific number of themes. So instead of doing 1 per month, you could do say… 9 overall. That way when you have the time, you can do it. If you don’t… it’s not a big deal.

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