An appeal: Please help find Jonny Dorey

One of my most favourite bloggers, the ever amusing Katyboo, received the following message from one of her readers the other day:

i love your blog and know you are unbelievably busy/sleepy/stressed/etc (as a fellow chronic insomniac i appreciate your neurotic ramblings with a delight akin to discovering gravity)

I’m writing because I am from a wee island called guernsey in the channel islands and a boy from the island has gone missing in virginia, usa.

we are trying everything to spread the word and get people aware to help try and find him, if you could post these links in a blog i would be eternally grateful and will repay you in pretty things if i ever have millions of pounds to buy such things

The boy in question is named Jonny Dorey and he’s 22 years old – only two and a half years older than my younger brother. If he went missing I know I would want everyone to do everything in their power to help find him. So I’m continuing the appeal. I don’t have many readers, but I know I have readers who do have lots of readers, so I’m asking all of you to help out. If you don’t want to write a post on your own blog feel free to tweet it instead. Or just place a link to this post somewhere where people will see it.

Here are some more links to place on your blog:

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