Where did my week go?

I have been so, so tired all day. Mostly, I suspect, because we went out last night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and didn’t get home til after midnight, but to be fair I was tired before I even left the flat last night so it wasn’t entirely my own fault…

But what I would really like to know is where on Earth this week has gone! It’s Thursday evening already. Tomorrow is Friday… the last working day of the week. Then it will be Saturday again. How? Why? Time seems to have sped up again and I don’t think I like it! Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t managed to write one word of my dissertation since Sunday.  I have around 1,300 words now but I need something like 15,000 and the deadline is drawing nearer. Eeek!
Also, you know things are bad when you end up eating instant pasta (just add hot water and stir!) with a pastry fork because you’ve run out of all other cutlery. There are only two of us living here (well, officially only one but Jan’s place really is just a storage area now)… how can all the forks and all the spoons be dirty? It’s a good job I actually bought pastry forks otherwise I would have had to resort to a teaspoon… or do some washing up. I think we all know which option I would have gone for…
Time to go to log off I think. My lovely, lovely bed is calling my name…


4 thoughts on “Where did my week go?

  1. Sorry for being late a bit. Wie der Zufall eben spielt. Jedenfalls zu erinnern, ›Jan is mostly interested in the English beer tasting session at 2pm …‹, wozu es inzwischen eine ganz hübsche Broschüre gibt: http://www.buchkultur.org/A_pdf/Beertastingsession.pdf

    Ebenso eine beta-Version des sommerfestlichen Hamlets, wahrhaft ein ›muß‹ für das tiefere Vordringen in die deutsche Sprache. Beispielsweise ›Topf‹, wzu der Hiesige ohnehin eher ›Haffe‹ sagen würde, was in der beta als ›Dopp‹ dasteht, aber eher wohl ›Tobb‹ heißt [strittig unter Linguisten], aber schon deshalb den Vorzug verdient, weil der Plural wohl ›Tèbb‹ heißt; denn ›Debb‹ [von dabbisch, Subst. Dabbischer] ist doch einer, dessen intellektuelles Vermögen bspw. durch eine wiederholte Kollision mit verschiedenen ›Tèbb‹ beeinflußt worden sein könnte: http://www.buchkultur.org/A_pdf/Soiodda_Hamlet.pdf

    Darüber hinaus sind daneben einige recht hübsche Ablichtungen zu finden [›Picknick 1 bis 4‹, unter ›Englisches Fest‹]: http://buchkultur.org/page53/Fotografien.html

    Viel Spaß

  2. Sorry, forgot to choose notify … Nebenbei, der Originalbeitrag ist nicht mehr zugänglich (discarded). Aber ›Where did my week go?‹ ist auch nicht schlecht.

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