Remind me why I’m doing this

So far I’ve written just over 2,000 words which I may or may not actually end up being able to use in my dissertation. I need 15,000 words, or 13,500 at the very least if I make use of the “you can be 10% over or under” rule. Then there’s the literature review which I haven’t even started, or indeed thought about, yet.  And the deadline is 11th May – which means I have to get it finished before that because it needs to be printed, bound and sent to England. To say that I’m panicking would be an understatement. Unfortunately panicking doesn’t give me any more of a clue what I need to write, or give me any extra time to do any writing. What I really need is a clone. Preferably a clone whose brain works better than mine (I wonder… does an improved version of myself still count as a clone?). The clone can write the dissertation and I’ll go to work, do the housework and continue to look for flats for the boyfriend and I. Sounds like a plan, no?

Can someone please remind me why I wanted to do a Master’s?


4 thoughts on “Remind me why I’m doing this

  1. Yes, but are you at the point yet where you have screaming fits at yourself, telling yourself how stupid you are and why, oh why are you such a procrastinator, going on for an hour or so, finally ending in floods of tears and exhaustion – and still no writing done? That was Darling Daughter last year at this time – and I had to live with her! But she still got the job done, so I’m hopeful that you will too! Sending you lots of cyber-hugs (but unfortunately, no clone).

  2. pinklea – if only procrastination was the problem. With me it’s more like *Stare at piece of paper for half an hour* Why can I not think of anything to write? Any why does this book I’m reading make no sense whatsoever to me? And why does everything I have written up to now sound utterly crap?? Clearly I am too stipid to do a aMaster’s! Even if I do by some miracle manage to get the right amount of words written down they’ll be crap words and I’ll fail. Aaargghh!
    Thanks for the hugs.

    findingmyunicorn – translation. Thank you.

    Stephanie – ok, you may have a point 😉

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