Take a deep breath…

I’m home from work, have eaten my lunch and soon it will be time to go and view the first flat.
The one Jan is probably not coming to view with me (he has now said he’ll try). the one where I rearranged the appointment so he could come with me.
I currently feel sick with nerves. I don’t want to go and view a flat on my own. Usually I let Jan ask all the questions while I just smile and try to look friendly. I’m useless at talking to people I don’t know – even more useless if they’re German and I need them to be impressed by me so I can have the flat I’m looking at. The person showing me around this one is (I think) the current tenant – I got my current flat because the people who lived here at the time recommended me to the landlady. Jan was with me then and did most of the talking. This time I’ll be all alone…
Cross your fingers for me please.


7 thoughts on “Take a deep breath…

  1. Good luck – and listen, you’ve got to stop worrying so much! I know, I know, that’s easier said than done, but I speak as someone who used to be every bit as much a worrier as you, if not more so. If I can do it, so can you! I probably still worry more than the average person, but I’ve chilled out a *lot* over the past year or two. It definitely makes life more fun when you’re not taking it all so seriously!

    I just feel for you because I think our personalities are very alike, and I also know that I once would have been ‘sick with nerves’ in your situation – but now, I can’t imagine feeling that way. Treat things as an experience. Laugh off the embarrassing moments and shrug off the things that don’t go to plan. Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I just ask because since I’ve started holding to that belief, disappointments and setbacks have been a little easier to deal with – and you know what? Everything always works out in the end.

    The more you worry about what people think of you, the more difficult it is to let them see how great you are, ’cause all they’ll see is this big cloud of anxiety! Hold your head up, give ’em a grin, and remember just how many, many, many possible options, choices, and roads there are to take out there. This is just one small one. The possibilities are endless. Don’t hang everything on each individual event, and make yourself sick with nerves!

    Sermon endeth. All that said, I hope it goes well! Enjoy, don’t dread! xx

  2. i’m sure you did well and i hope the apartment was worth your time. if not, move on (lol) to the next one!

    you can do this! and your thesis! and your dishes, too!!! 😉


  3. I hope it went ok. I was flat searching on my own when I was 5 months pregnant, could hardly speak German and was on benefits. Not exactly the dream tenant and some people just looked at me like I was crazy or completely ignored me. It was really hard but I got there and I love my apartment now. I feel for you but you can do it I have no doubt. Hopefully you won’t have to do too many on your own.

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