Nearly there…

We went to view a very nice flat yesterday. Three rooms, close to the train station (only 2 tram stops away), gorgeous wooden floors, and a brand new kitchen just about to be installed.
Today, the man called Jan and offered to us. We had to make a decision by 8 p.m. After much umming and erring and working out of finances, followed by a phone call to Jan’s mum for advice, we decided to take it. We have a meeting at the house tomorrow morning, where we shall be given the contract. Then we have the rest of the weekend to look over it and make sure everything’s satisfactory. If all is to our liking we’ll sign it then, on Monday, return it. And then the flat shall be ours. Finally the search is over! I think a bottle of sparkling wine shall have to be opened tonight…



7 thoughts on “Nearly there…

  1. Anna – thanks

    Cynical Scribble – of course! All you have to do is get over to Germany 😉

    Stephanie – lol, thank you 😉

    pinklea -Don’t worry, I will

    workingberlinmum – thanks. I’m sure it will. It will be one less distraction from the dissertation anyway.

    franzi – the Sekt bottles will be coming out… as soon as I’m feeling well enough to enjoy it!

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