I should be celebrating…

We have the contract! It’s here, sitting on top of Detolf, waiting for us to read through it, which will happen later this evening once Jan returns from playing football with his friends. We met at the flat to pick up the contracts, so I got to see it again. It’s still as nice as I remembered 🙂 Jan even admitted to me that he’s excited (I asked if I could have it in writing!) and of course I’m overjoyed. A flat with my boyfriend! An actual home together. I thought this day would never come. So it should have been a day of celebration. Instead I’m sitting here attempting to work on my dissertation while nursing a spectacularly awful cold. It started yesterday with a sore throat and a runny nose and today has progressed to constant sneezing, aches and pains, a head that feels like it’s full of wet cotton wool and a nose that’s sometimes blocked, sometimes running. Not that it matters which version it chooses – either way I can’t breathe properly! Oh, and I’m also freezing despite the fact that it’s quite warm today. But apart from that I feel fine.
I need to get better by Monday. My colleague is off next week, which leaves me as the sole English translator, and there’s lots of work to be done. Anyone know any quick fixes for a cold? And please don’t say sleep… dissertation, remember?


6 thoughts on “I should be celebrating…

  1. Isn’t it always like that: stress, busy, bla bla bla, then as soon as things semi-settle down, we get sick. Sorry, I don’t know any quick cures, other than copious amounts of drugs, but you’re probably already doing that. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. i think it’s the stress as well. what helps me is ginger tea. get ginger, cut a couple of slices, boil water, ginger in cup, honey in cup if you feel like it, water on top, let it sit for 5 minutes and then drink. 2-3 cups a day should do. remember to have regular fluids as well because the ginger is tough on your kidneys.

    nice thing is, you can do this at work without much effort.

    hope you are better soon – and congrats on signing the contract. wow wow wow!!!


  3. You need a bottle of whiskey and a hat. Put the hat on your bedpost. Drink whiskey until you see two hats then go to sleep. You will be right as rain after the hangover clears away.

    Hurrah for the contract for your new flat! So exciting!

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