But I don’t WANT pretzels and Bratwurst…

Isn’t it funny how, when you’re ill, you crave comforting, familiar foods. Foods that you were brought up with, that accompanied you through your childhood. Much as I love local specialities, like Käsespätzle (small, thin dumplings covered in lashings of melted cheese) and Flammkuchen (tarte flambée – technically from Elsace but Karlsruhe is so close to the border that they’ve adopted (and adapted) this dish for themselves), for the last few days I’ve been craving English things. Crumpets literally dripping with salted butter. Heinz chicken soup. Mashed potatoes with a large helping of cheddar cheese mixed in. A chip butty drowning in gravy. Horlicks.
I just know I’m going to be disappointed no matter what we have for tea tonight. Plus, I’ve run out of Lemsip. Doooom!


6 thoughts on “But I don’t WANT pretzels and Bratwurst…

  1. Funny – PG was sick on the weekend too, and he requested chicken noodle soup. I heated some up for him, but he informed me that it “wasn’t the right kind”. He wanted Campbell’s, and I had Safeway brand. Oh. I should have suggested he go to Germany.

  2. S.Le – no, no Lemsip. It’s tragic!

    Stephanie – Mashed potatoes are the best! And yes, probably.

    Pinklea – We had chicken noodle soup last night. I wanted cream of chicken soup though and they don’t make that here. I wouldn’t have complained about the brand – it could have been co-op’s own for all I care – but cream of chicken. Not supposedly chicken noodle that never saw a chicken in its life!

    Amanda – I’m not saying Germany doesn’t have comfort food. It’s just the wrong comfort food! It’s like kids crying for their mummy when they fall over… when I’m ill I want MY food, not rubbish German stuff

    Pauline – I actually like Chinese noodles a lot 🙂

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