Even slow progress is progress…

Slowly, slowly we’re getting there with the flat. The boxes are almost all unpacked now and we’ve got all the furniture put together… apart from Jan’s desk which we still can’t find the screws for! I just know they’re going to turn up somewhere obvious… Other than that it’s looking good, if you can ignore the fact that there are no curtains anywhere (we have some for the spare bedroom but need a drill to put the rail up) and most of the rooms have no lights. We’re still relying on lamps for most of our light! Why are nice ceiling lights so hard to find?! Everywhere we go they’re either ridiculously expensive or we just can’t find a nice one that we can agree on. *sigh*. We need to go back to IKEA for another bookcase though (the two we have are actually overflowing!) and some curtains – maybe this time there’ll be some decent lights too. Fingers crossed! Photos of the flat will follow as soon as I have access to them – Jan has uploaded them under his name, which makes things a little difficult, and for some reason I’m unable to upload them via the USB cable. I promise they will be here soon though, no more waiting for weeks and weeks between blog posts! Right now I have to go and catch up with all my favourite bloggers. This moving lark has caused me to miss out on so much. Boo and hiss! It will all be worth it in the end though, I hope…


4 thoughts on “Even slow progress is progress…

  1. I’m a bit scared of Ebay to be honest, but might have a look. We’ve actually found loads of stuff we want to order on Amazon but I didn’t even think of looking there for lamps! It’s only just occurred to me thanks to your mention of Ebay!

  2. Seems you’re a bit too busy to blog. That’s all right so long as you keep us posted once in awhile. lol

    I’ve rarely had any problem with ebay. Real bargains to be had there.

  3. I’ve been buying and selling through Ebay for 10 years now and have only had 3 problems. As long as you read the details thoroughly it’s fantastic! I have bought some great things through it. My fantastic 70’s round chair was bought off Ebay at a bargain price!

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