It’s a good job I was wearing a long skirt…

I arrived home from work today and immediately had to go and sponge down my entire body with cold water. I was seriously that hot! First my train was delayed, then they sent a replacement IC (Inter City) instead of my usual ICE (the express train). For some reasone ICs are always really old, have hardly any seats and, in this particular one, no air conditioning. In a stupidly full train on a day where it’s 33°C outside. Well done Deutsche Bahn. The window was open, but apart from blowing hot air around the carriage (it was a bit like a hair dryer, but less noisy) all it did was practically pull my hair out of its roots. That and cause my ears to feel like they were going to explode when we went through the tunnel. And while the top half of my body was being buffeted by warm wind, I could actually feel sweat trickling down my legs. I told you it was a good job I was wearing a long skirt!

Apparantly it’s going to be 38 degrees tomorrow. If you haven’t heard from me by Monday I’ve probably melted into a puddle somehwere and been evaporated by the sun…

7 thoughts on “It’s a good job I was wearing a long skirt…

  1. I doubt this is the kind of response you’re expecting, but … I CAN”T WAIT TO BE IN THE HEAT!!! In Vancouver, we’re still walking around in jeans and sweaters, it’s been so cool this spring – and now summer. Only 6 more days and I’ll be in hot, sunny Egypt (and I promise not to complain about the 35-40 degree temperatures).

  2. Hi. I think I’m evaportaing right along with you. It’s 90+ here…over 100 with the heat index. I have no idea what that is in Celcius…but it’s probably unbearable, too.

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