The wanderer returns…


We only went on holiday for three weeks, but it seems like way longer than that. Looking at the photos from London, the first stop on our trip, I couldn’t believe they were taken less than a month ago. It could equally well have been a liftetime. But at the same time, the three weeks seem to have flown by. And yes, we enjoyed ourselves. It was great to spend so much time with Jan, with no worries, no responsibilities. No work! We got back late Saturday evening and spent yesterday doing nothing much, just unpacking and washing clothes. And Jan returned the car. Today was back to work, and immediately in at the deep end with three translations due tomorrow and another two for the next day. But everything seemed so much easier today than before my holiday. Getting up wasn’t difficult at all, despite the fact that it was still dark (waaah! When did it start being dark in the mornings? It’s not Autumn  yet…). I guess I really needed this break. I’m going to need a couple of days to get myself sorted out, but after that I shall (hopefully) be bac to blogging in full force. Watch this space…


3 thoughts on “The wanderer returns…

  1. You should definitely post some photos from London. So many photo ops. If you have any you’re willing to share we’ll post them on our site and promote your blog. Glad you had a great trip, and welcome home. Now to see if the travel bug starts nagging at you. LOL

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