I’m completely confused by the new WordPress. They went and did things to it while I was away and now it takes me ages to figure out where the “New Post” button is. Humph.
In other news, we’ve been back from holiday exactly one week today and I’ve already managed to come down with a cold, or something. My throat is killing and I’m aching all over. I suspect it may have come from my colleague, who was off sick the last few days, meaning I got to do her work as well as my own. I’m now so behind that I’m going to have to do some translating today to catch up. I would have done it last night, but I was so tired that it wasn’t even an option. I was in bed by 10 (on a Friday night!), read my book for a bit then slept for about thirteen hours. Seriously! It was 5 past 12 when I woke up. Now half the day has been wasted and I haven’t done a scrap of work… or hoovered, done the shopping, put any washing. And I’m going out for a meal at six because one of my ex-colleagues (from when I did my interneship… seems so long ago now!) is leaving and wants to see everyone again before she goes. The benefits of the holiday have now officially been cancelled out…

4 thoughts on “Bleurgh

  1. I know what you mean about WordPress – I took me a while to figure out the location of the “new post” button too! But at least they didn’t wipe out your whole template and replace it with something very similar, except that all your sidebar stuff was gone! That took a while for me to rectify, and the worst part was that WordPress didn’t let any of us who used that old template that they were going to do this to us. Oh well, there’s always Blogger – but I know it has its problems too, so I guess we’ll have issues regardless of where we blog!

  2. I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope you feel much better now.

    This is Jen, by the way. I used to blog at bringbackthegreen but I shut that down hehe.

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