Just let me SLEEP!

I know, I know: I promised to get back to blogging regularly then failed yet again. I’m sorry! I’m just so tired at the moment… I can barely string a coherent sentence together, let alone write an entire blog post! This morning I hit snooze on my alarm, think I would just have five more minutes… only to wake up half an hour later wondering why it was light already! It’s a good job I have flexi-time at work… plus enough overtime saved up to make up for the fact that I’ve already worked about 2 hours less than I should have this week. And today was only Wednesday. Two more whole days before the weekend and sleeep… plus a trip to IKEA to spend the money my Grandma gave us. Yes, I lead such an exciting life.
Anyway, Jan is out tonight (he has choir practice), so I suppose I’d better go and attempt to make some food for myself. I’m thinking Supernoodles are the way forward! I won’t promise to write again soon, cos we all know how well that worked out last time… however, I will post some more photos of the flat once we’ve got the yet-to-be-bought IKEA furniture up and arranged. How’s that for a deal?


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