Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

My sister is the chief bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, so she’s currently in the process of trying to arrange a hen weekend here in Karlsruhe for her. They’ve already said that, if they end up being more people than Jan and I can put up, they’ll go to a hotel. So the other day, I was checking at a few hotels in the area, looking at prices and reading comments. One of the hotels I was looking at is in my street, which would of course be perfect. So I started looking at what other guests had thought of it. One particular negative review I came across said the following:
“We stayed at this hotel for a week and the bedding wasn’t changed once in that time!”
Now, I don’t libe in a hotel, and I  suppose people do have higher expectations of a hotel than they might otherwise, but I have to admit, if someone came to stay with me for a week, I probably wouldn’t change their bedding during that time either. Am I just a slob? Or is that reviewer too sensitive? How often would you change your guest’s bedding? Discuss!

5 thoughts on “Don’t let the bed bugs bite…

  1. Now I wouldn’t change the bedding for people staying at mine in that time but I must admit that I would expect a hotel too. I guess that’s just come from experience though as it is the norm to have your bedding changed regularly at a hotel.

  2. I would change the bedding after they left.

    In America, bed bugs may actually bite you. There is an infestation of them rapidly spreading across the country. Freaks me out a bit!

  3. for friends staying at my place for a week i would probably ask at some point if they want the sheets changed.

    in a hotel it’s different as sometimes staff has to be “told” to change the sheets – just take the sheets off the bed and pillows and that’s their clue. i think its ok for hotels to ask for that participation of the guests. if that reviewer wanted the sheets changed, why didn’t they tell staff to do so?! doesn’t make sense to me

  4. I change my own sheets and bedding once a week, so if someone was staying with me for a week I probably also wouldn’t change it until after they left. I would ask though. Or maybe they’d be comfortable enough to ask me. I might even provide a clean sheet if they want to change it themselves.

    Also, the stupid woman should have just asked them. I mean, if you pay for a service and you don’t ask or inquire about something then it’s just your own fault, you know?

  5. I change the bedding at our house once a week – so would probably wait until they left. Of if its hubby’s parents, I would do it while they’re there just to impress them and let them know I’m looking after their son and granddaughter… (snicker)

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