Busy times

“Sorry doesn’t help, sorry doesn’t mean it” is something my mum always used to say when my sister and I tried to apologise for some misdeameanour, like back chatting, fighting or refusing to do our chores. I always thught it was a stupid thing to say – I mean, what kind of grammer is sorry doesn’t mean it?! – but I did understand what she meant. Nobody’s ever going to belive an apology when they know full well you’ll be doing the exact same thing again very soon (and when it came to fighting with my sister, the next time was never far away).  That’s why I’m not going to apologise for neglecting my blog yet again. Because we all know that after this post it will probably be another month before I manage to get back on WordPress…

Life has been incredibly busy lately. If I’m not working late I’m going to parties, concerts, pub quizzs… you name it, I’ve been there. Just this weekend we went to 2 birthday parties and Jan took part in a concert with his choir to raise money for a local charity. And every time I blink it seems like another week has gone past – at this rate, it will be 2011 before I’ve even had time to prepare for Christmas. Sometimes I really wish life had a pause button…

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