Snow, snow go away…

I should have been home in England by now. Instead we spent all of yesterday bring moved from flight to flight, only to find out each time that it had been cancelled. Flights were leaving the airport we wanted to fly from and our destination airport was open as normal… but nobody will fly directly to Newcastle and Heathrow airport, where we were supposed to change, was completely closed down. Of course, the couldn’t have figured that out before we’d sat around the airport all day. No, each flight claimed to still be fine right up until shortly before it should have been time to board. We then tried changing onto a flight via Amsterdam, only to be told Schipol was not accepting any ongoing flights… those whose final destination was Amsterdam were welcome, but no flights were taking off from there.  We’ve now been rebooked onto a Monday morning flight. Fingers crossed Heathrow havn’t changed their minds about being open tomorrow by the time we get to the airport… Meanwhile, I’m off to the Christmas market. If I’m going to be stuck in Germany I’m at least going to have myself some Glühwein!
If anyone out there is trying to travel I wish you luck, patience and an airline that understands the meaning of the word communication!


2 thoughts on “Snow, snow go away…

  1. I’ve been hearing about all the flight cancellations and delays in and out of Heathrow – it sounds like a nightmare! I hope you get safely to the UK Monday. Good luck – and happy Christmas, wherever you’ll be!

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