Just call me hopalong

I didn’t have time to make a sandwich for my lunch this morning due to a failure to get out of bed when the alarm went off. Nothing like starting the year off as I mean to go on… Soo, given that I had nothing to eat, once lunch time rolled around I had to go into town to buy some foodstuffs. Out I walked.. across the courtyard, out the front gate, over the pavement and onto the road. And there, in the middle of the road, was a huge patch of ice. Very, very slippy ice.. which, of course, I stepped on, and off I skidded. All would still have been fine if only there hadn’t been a huge chunk of frozen snow right in the path of my sliding feet. I hit the snow with one foot, tripped, flew forward, failed to regain my balance and landed on the road. Hard. Most of my weight landed on my last knee, which is now swollen and looks like I’ve taken a cheese grater to it. My left hand is bruised from where I held it out to break my fall and the arm it’s attached to aches for some reason. I little flew over that ice and down on to the road! It must have been hilarious to watch, and I’m sure I’ll even by laughing at myself in a few days time, but right now my only thought is “ouch, that smarts a bit!” It’s a good job tomorrow’s a public holiday in this part of Germany…


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