A plague! (Thankfully not of locusts)

Lately everywhere I look I see little flies – I think they’re fruit flies, but we don’t havy any fruit. That doesn’t seem to bother them though. These little beasts are interested in everything! When we first started having them we took down the rubbish and cleaned most of the kitchen before I eventually tracked them down to some potatoes I had forgotten about (*ahem.* I never was much of a housewife.  They hadn’t been there that long though). We took the potatoes down and cleaned out their container. This was just before we went to England, so we left feeling confident that there would be no more flies by the time we came back. We returned to find they had chosen the plant on the kitchen windowsill as their new target. So Jan started hoovering them up everytime they went near it and eventually they got the message. We were almost fly free for about two days! Then I opened the bin and was immediately attacked by a swarm of them. Bu they’re not just confined to the kitchen. Oh no! One of them landed on me last night while I was reading in bed. I was entirely unimpressed… my bedroom is sacred and definitely out of bounds for all members of the insect world. Except ladybirds – I like them. It’s really starting to get annoying now. Just in the time I’ve been typing this either three flies or the same one three times have flown past my eyes. Grrr! I know moths don’t like lavender, (which is why we have bags of it in the wardrobe) but I’m at a loss as to what to do with flies. If anyone has any ideas please send them my way! I will be most grateful.


2 thoughts on “A plague! (Thankfully not of locusts)

  1. I am sorry we suffer from the flies as well. The cat like catching them every now and then. I just hope they go away once the weather cools into the Autumn. I was bitten by a ladybird last week! I was keen on them. Cockroaches are the absolute worst insect in the world though.

    1. Bitten by a ladybird? Oh no! But they’re so pretty!

      Cockroaches are awful. The one creature I actually wouldn’t mind seeing go extinct (along with wasps – the chavs of the insect world!!)

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