You know you’ve been awake too long when…

I’ve been working from home today – and will be again tomorrow (my lovely work let me to save me the €14 per day I would have to pay for train journeys otherwise. And I know it doesn’t sound like loads, but considering I already pay €350 per month for the card that’s gone missing and I’m paying a €30 replacement fee for the new one I think Deutsche Bahn have had enough off me for one month!). I had been sitting in front of the computer for basically the entire day, apart from a tiny break to cook lunch (tea breaks just aren’t the same when you’re alone), so when I logged out of work’s system at just after 5 pm I decided fresh air was needed, and headed into town to see if I could track down some pink paper. I went to Karstadt, because they sell everything (well, not quite everything, but lots of stuff). After finding and purchasing my paper, I headed down to the food deaprtment, because Karstadt is the one place in this town that sells English chocolate and I felt the need to treat myself to a Cadbury’s Flake. Browsing the fridgey bit for something to make for tomorrow’s lunch, I spotted a microwave dessert. Topfenknödel mit Erdbeers0ße, said the packaging. Topfen is the Austrian word for Quark (a kind of curd cheese) and Knödel means dumpling. So they were dumplings made from a dough that uses Quark. Sounds strange, but they’re actually really nice. Especially swimming in a sauce of Erdbeeren (strawberries), as these ones were. A tempting treat, I’m sure you’ll agree. Except my eyes, tired from 8 and a half hours of staring at a computer screen, read Totenknödel. Tot, in German, means dead. And a Tote is a dead person. My brain had decided that Karstadt are now selling corpse dumplings. Mmm, delicious! :-s


4 thoughts on “You know you’ve been awake too long when…

  1. I love Karstadt. I noticed their Flake supplies the other day but spending such a hefty amount on something I’ll eat within mere seconds is a treat I don’t often allow. I might leave it for one of those *’desperately in need of something oh so good’ days! Mmmm

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