Why don’t humans hibernate?

Some days I wish I was a hedgehog. Or a squirrel – with a nice bushy tail to wrap around myself while I curled up to sleep for the winter. I would sleep and sleep and sleep, only popping out occasionally for a bite to eat. Sounds wonderful!
Hibernation sounds like heaven right now. I am sooo tired. And the tiredness seems to be there, no matter how much sleep I get. Not that I’ve ben getting much sleep (usually six hours a night, seven if I’m lucky), but that’s normal. And usually I’m not this tired. I blame the weather! It’s dark when I get up (and when I leave the house) and dark again by home time. Currentlyit’s at least light when I get off my train in the morning, so I at least get to travel the last few metres to work in the light, but soon it will be dark then too. And it’s cold. So, so cold. Despite the fact that it isn’t officially winter until 22 December(!!) according to my calendar. Remind me why humans don’t hibernate…

4 thoughts on “Why don’t humans hibernate?

  1. I’m with you. I would kill to hibernate. I am soooooo tired and cannot get out of that lethargic ‘can’t be arsed’ feeling! A nice long winter nap would be real good right now. But I’d like to be a bear – nobody would dare to disturb a sleeping bear! And to skip Crimbo and wake up in spring would be nice, simply because I would miss out on all the cold, stress and expense! I just don’t want to face it all this year! 🙂

  2. Good freakin’ question! Here in Canada (except for Vancouver), from November to April it’s freezing ass cold with piles and piles of snow and freezing rain, with little relief! This year it hasn’t been too bad though, which is weird.

    The darkness is definitely making me more tired too!

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