Tis the season…

I had my final day at work for this year on Friday, so I can finally start getting into the Christmas spirit a bit. It looks like Jan and I are going to be having our first Christmas with just the two of us – usually we go to one of our families, but we decided not to bother with England after all the hassle with snow last year, and his dad had already made plans by the time Jan got round to speaking to him. So Christmas in our flat it is. I’m quite looking forward to it actually! Will be nice not to have to stick to anyone elses agenda.

Jan went over to a friend’s for a late breakfast (more of a brunch, I suppose) at 12:00 and 3 hours later he’s still not back so I’m taking the opportunity to get the flat into a presentable state, as well as making my last few Christmas cards. Only seven more to go! I just hope they actually arrive before Christmas. My family’s gifts probably won’t seeing as Jan only posted them on Friday! Not my fault though – the last few things that needed to be sent only arrived on Thursday. They will just have to have New Year’s presents instead 😉

Must go and rescue my tea before it goes cold. SO I shall leave you with a photo of my hedgehog doorstopper all ready for Christmas. He’s called Harry – nothing to do with me! That’s what his label said when we bought him…

Harry, the Christmas hedgehog

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