Freezing February

Just as we finally made it to the end of January, the horrible grey month after Christmas when all the pretty lights have gone and there seems to be nothing left to look forward to, a cold front from Siberia decided to move across Germany. Things should have been starting to look up this week. I was looking forward to longer days (perhaps actually seeing the light), mildish weather and maybe a few snowsrops here and there. Instead, it is freezing. And I mean that literally. Yesterday it was -7°C in the morning and minus 2 later on. Right now it’s -5°C, but the wind makes it feel even colder. My cheeks were numb this morning, and my hands felt cold despite my gloves. And the forecast says it could go down as far as -10°C tomorrow! I just hope my train to work isn’t delayed again! This weekend I think I shall be staying indoors with the heating on!!


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