Bye bye overdraft!

It’s only taken me about 6 years, but finally the overdraft on my English bank account is paid off! Woo hoo!

I’m pretty sure this deserves a treat, the only question is what. Suggestions please.

Now all that remains is to pay Jan back everything I’ve borrowed from him over the years and maybe actually inform the student loan company of where I am.
Or then again, maybe I won’t. Not straight way at least…

3 thoughts on “Bye bye overdraft!

  1. Wahoo well done! Buy yourself something you can see everyday to remind you that you achieved clearing that debt! I’m trying to clear the credit card. If I continue paying the same amount each month it should only take 4.5 years. Crap that is a long time. But better than taking the rest of my life which is what will happen if I only make the minimum payment!! May not be wise to tell the student loan peeps where you are – my bf has just finished uni and was advised that if he moves abroad, they could demand the whole amount up front!! Eek. I do think that is for full emigration though rather than just working abroad on a visa. Depends which you are doing!! 🙂

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