The last try…

It seems strange to be writing this somewhere as public as the Internet, but then it’s not like millions of people are flocking to my blog every day, and I’ve always been honest here so why stop now? (Even if a couple of people from my real life know of the blog’s existence…)

On Friday, I checked my e-mail and discovered that I had managed to order a grand total of seven self-help books (both on relationships and improving myself) within a mere four days. Add those to the ones I already have at home and the others that I have on order, but that haven’t arrived yet because they’re coming from America and you have a lot of self help books. I’ve been making resolutions to improve my relationship, be better girlfriend, become more like the person Jan wants me to be and just generally become better for years, and  being a great believer in the power of books, every time we had an argument, or someone reminded me that they didn’t like me or another friend announced they’re engagement and I found myself wondering “why am I not good enough to be more than a temporary thing?” my solution was to get on Amazon and type in whatever key phrase was buzzing round my head at that minute. It had become something like a habit. When things go wrongl, obviously everything you’ve been trying isn’t good enough, so find a new book and try again. I thought nothing of it. But that list of e-mails from Amazon on Friday shocked me. Things have definitely got out of hand! And it’s not even like I’m that bad. Sure, I have faults, and trying to fix them can never really be a bad thing, but I can’t let this take over my life. And so I made a decision. I’m going to read my books, when they arrive. I’m going to carry on trying to improve my relationship (because there are definitely things I need to change. No, Jan is not perfect either, and ther are things he needs to do as well, but that’s no excuse for me not to try), but I don’t want it to take over my life. And this has to be my last try.

So that was Friday. It then took me the whole of Saturday and most of Sunday to pluck up the courage to speak to Jan. Obviously he had to know, but I had no idea how to bring it up without starting an argument, upsetting him (or me… or both of us), saying the wrong thing… It’s not exactly easy to tell someone you’re only given them (and yourself= one more chance. Finally, last night as my sat down to eat, I told him I had been thinking. And he listened to everything I had to say. I was amazed by how well it went. He actually agreed with me… told me he knows where I’m coming from, and he’s glad I said something. So I’ve given us until December. By that time we’ll have been together nearly 9 years. If he still doesn’t know what he wants, then I don’t think he ever will. And as much as I would like us to be happy together, if things go on like this I’m only going to end up hating him. And probably myself as well. Even though I know a lot of the problem is his inability to commit to anything (not just relationships – it’s also part of the reason he’s taking so long to write his doctoral thesis. Because he can’t bring himself to commit anything to paper before he’s sure it’s going to be 100% useful to someone out there…)). But even knowing it’s mostly his problem, I can’t help but think maybe if I try just a bit harder he’ll realise I really am the one for him. And thinking that way is no good for myself esteem! So the end of the year it is. I only hope when the time comes I’ll have the strength to go through with it! In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the rest of 2012. If this chapter of my life is going to end, I want it to end on a high note!

And if you’ve read this far, then thank you for listening! (Metaphorically speaking…)


14 thoughts on “The last try…

  1. ” I can’t help but think maybe if I try just a bit harder he’ll realise I really am the one for him….”—Been there! Actually sometimes I’m still there.

    I think just this weekend, Kiefer and I had a break through. I think….

  2. Wow. That first step (admitting to the other person that something isn’t right in the relationship) is HUGE – and you’ve done it! Good for you! You are worth much more than perpetually trying “a little bit harder” to be the person Jan wants you to be – you are YOU, and you are awesome! He fell for YOU, so if that’s not good enough for him now, that’s his problem to figure out. The fact that he listened respectfully and even agreed with you is very encouraging, too. Best of luck, whatever happens in December! xo

  3. I just wanted to wish you good luck. That’s such a hard decision to make, but you’re right – you don’t want to keep on destroying your self-confidence and ending up convincing yourself in 10 years that actually you’re no good for anyone. You should be able to be yourself with your other half and they should be able to accept you, even with your flaws. I hope it works out for you.
    By the way, I love your traffic feed over to the right there…although I looked at your blog quickly yesterday when I saw your comments on mine and then again now (obviously!). I’m literally sitting in the same position on the sofa in my flat but the feed’s given two different towns, wierd!

    1. Thank you. I may need all the luck I can get! (Although we had a promising conversation today).
      Haha, yeah the feed is odd! Sometimes it just says “Germany arrived” with no town at all!

  4. I think a year is the key breaking point between dating and knowing, within a year, he you or both should have proposed and I know I am going to sound like a granny now, but do not move in with a guy with out a ring on your finger and the church booked, there I said it, now back to my knitting x

    1. I don’t think I could plan to marry a guy before finding out what it’s like to live with him! My parents didn’t move in together til after they were married (admittedly they married a lot sooner than they were planning to… because my mum was pregnant with me) and they quickly found out that they weren’t cut out for sharing a house together. They did go on to have another kid and stayed married for 5 years, but it was never going to last. Far better to find that out when you’ve nothing to lose, in my opinion. I can see how other people would prefer to have a commitment before moving in though.

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