All fall down…

I arrived home from work to find my boyfriend (who is home for one day only before flying to America for a week tomorrow) hoovering up soil from our sofa. The shelf we have above the sofa fell down, for no reason whatsoever that we can figure out. Jan says he was in the bedroom at the time, so obviously he had nothing to do with it. As you’ve probably guessed, the sehlf contained (among other things) a plant – hence the soil all over the sofa…. and the rug Naturally the cross stitch I’ve been working on was also on the sofa, and has now been soiled (quite literally!). And the fabric I’m stitching on is, of course, white. I suppose this is a lesson to me about finding a place to keep cross stutch projects that are in progress rather than just leaving them wherever I was working on them last! *sigh* I’m just glad nobody was sitting on the sofa at the time… and that it didn’t happen while I was here alone. If I’d been in bed at the time I would definitely have freaked out! Loud cracks/bangs from the living room from a flat that’s supposed to be empty never bode any good! The boyfriend is currently trying to figure out why the shelf decided to come loose from its attachments, and hopefully put it back, so I’ll go and make us some food. Hopefully whatever he’s doing now will make the shelf stay up at least until he comes home again!


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