For any Jenson Button fans out there…

My guests left this morning (I escorted them to Mannheim where they had to change onto a second train) and have now arrived back in England. Meanwhile, I’ve been attempting to get the flat back into shape ready for Jan’s choir to come round on Thursday – the boy himself currently being in Bonn at a conference. He even rearranged his holiday for it, which slightly annoyed me. After 5 days of visitors I was hoping we could have this afternoon just for the two of us – now I’ll have to wait til Saturday for that, provided he has time then! Work takes priority though I suppose, and the weekend will come as it always does.

I’m way too tired to write a proper blog post about all our adventures today, and I’m not sure whether I’ll get round to it tomorrow, but I thought I would at least post one photo of the Hockenheimring for you. This one’s for any Jenson Button fans who happen to be reading my blog…


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