It’s a record!

I have now been lving in Germany for six whole years! This is the longest time I’ve lived in a place in one stretch since we moved to Northern Ireland in 1989 – and seeing as I was, in fact, six years old in ’89 it’s fairly safe to assume I didn’t take in much of my life in the town I was born in (we actually moved back to said town after two years in Northern Ireland and pretty much all my memories of it are from that second stint there, which last 5 years). Amazingly, I haven’t got bored of Karlsruhe yet. One of the disadvantages of being a squaddie brat seems to be getting restless after spending too long in one place – despite the fact that I hate packing and the stress of actually moving somewhere new! A study in contradictions, I am. Of course, I haven’t actually lived in the same place within Karlsruhe for all of these six years (our current flat is my third home here), and the fact that I kept changing jobs has probably helped with the boredom. When I started my new job (which I’ve now had for 3 years!) in a new (to me) town it was actually quite nice to come home to somewhere familiar in the evenings. And for now there are enough places within day-tripping distance for me to able to get away for a change of scenery whenever I do start getting itchy feet. One day, however, I’m sure I’ll want to try somewhere new – whether elsewhere in Germany, back in the UK or somewhere else entirely (I would actually love to go back to Austria). For now, though, Karlsruhe is home… and I like it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s a record!

  1. Congrats! I’m like you with moving regulalry. I swear I have ‘gyppo blood’! It seems to be every 5-6 years I get bored and move house. As for jobs that seems to be every 3-5 years. I generally stay with the same firm (cos I live in nowheresville), but I change depts and job titles as often as I can! The idea of spending 30 years in one house and job scares me!!

  2. I’m a real stayer. I grew up in the same house till I moved out aged 17 and I think because of that, I like to stay put. I knew when I moved to Berlin that this is it for me. I may well move somewhere else when realyl old but quite probably not. Unless my children move to England. I might follow then.

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