Hello autumn!

We returned from England to find that autumn has Karlsruhe well and truly in its grip. There had been signs of it before me left, of course, but somehow you don’t notice just how long the nights are getting when the darkness is lasting a little longer each day. After an entire week of waking up well after sunrise, it came as a bit of a shock to wake up to pitch blackness on Monday morning (well, as pitch black as it ever gets in a city). And the dark stuck around until it was almost time for me to leave for work. Then on Wednesday – a public holiday in Germany – while walking through the castle garden in Bruchsal I picked up a shiny conker from the ground. Yes, autumn has definitely arrived again.

While I can’t seem to get particularly enthusiastic about dark mornings or the rain that the weather forecasters are threatening for this weekend, autumn does have it’s good points. Such as being able to dress up my legs in warm, funky tights again, like these brown spotty ones, purchased from C&A.

And the slightly colder weather gives me the perfect excuse to start munching on some of my favourite meals again. Things that, in summer, are just too much effort – both to cook and to eat! Cottage pie, bangers and mash, delicious curries and nice warming soups and stews. Mmmm. And, of course October means Halloween, which I can hardly wait for. I love an excuse to get dressed up! I really need to get cracking with making my costume though…


12 thoughts on “Hello autumn!

  1. C&A has great, affordable little things to keep you warm. i just picked up some stylish slouchy legwarmers myself πŸ™‚ Happy autumn, and let’s say goodbye to the sun for a while!

  2. I must say that for the first time in my life, I have really looked forward to Autumn this year. I may well regret that wish in another few weeks time however! Sausage and mash sounds like the perfect pick me up on a cold Autumn evening though πŸ™‚

  3. We’ve had an amazing September this year, and it’s continuing on to October – so far. Tonnes of sun, temperatures hovering around 20ΒΊC, no rain. But the mornings are starting to be quite chilly, so I suppose autumn is now on its way to the West Coast of Canada too.

  4. I am totally with you on the stews and curries! I am so happy about being able be make massive comfort food again. And it’s autumnal madness round this way, we’re practically knee-deep in conkers (sort of). Is it Autumn in England yet? I’m going back next week for a few days and would love to know how many jumpers I should pack πŸ™‚

    1. It was freeeezing when we were there, but we also got caught up in the torrential downpours in the north east. Hopefully things have aproved by now!

  5. Glad to hear you’re embracing autumn through fashion and food too – that is entirely my plan! I love all things warm, cosy and wardobe-y about autumn and choose to ignore its downsides (like the darker days, wet plays and freezing cold mornings that I’ve woken up to with a bit of shock this week!) get the red wine out – it’ll see you through!

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