A surprise and a concert

Did you all have a good weekend? I did, but it was very busy, which meant I spent most of today trying not to fall asleep at work and wishing I could just go home already.

We had tickets to a concert on Saturday evening, after which a friend was planning on staying over, and Jan had been telling me all week to keep the afternoon free because there was something he really, really wanted to show me at the Natural History Museum, which was having an open day. The thing at the museum (at this point I had no idea what it was!) was starting at 4 p.m. and the concert was at 8, so I thought I had better prepare some food before hand in case there wasn’t time for cooking in between the museum and the concert. I decided to make a Couscous herb and fruit salad from the BBC food website which I’ve done twice before and was a hit both time. And I bought some chicken breasts for us to quickly cook and season to go with them.

I finished preparing the salad at 3 o’clock and my friend’s tram arrived at 3:07. Perfect timing! The three of then had a cup of tea together before heading off the the Naturkundemuseum where we found…. hedgehogs! To be specific, a presentation on hedgehogs which was followed by the listeners getting to stroke the hedgehogs that had come to visit. They were so cute! One of them was just born in August. He’s still a baby… awww! And no, I didn’t get prickled (as someone on Facebook asked me). So, that was my surprise… and now I really want a hedgehog! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of any of the hedgehogs (the one I was closest to was being held against a woman’s breast… somehow I don’t think she would have appreciated me whipping a camera out!), so here’s one from the Internet instead. I do love their little faces 😀

A young Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus). Espera...
A young Hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus).(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the museum, it was off back to my flat for food, then we had to head to Europahalle for the concert. We went to see the Wise Guys, who are a German a capella group who do some serious but mostly funny songs. In German, unfortunately, so most of you won’t understand but here is one for the German speakers amongst you. It’s called Denglisch, and is about how English (and pseduo-English!) expressions are taking over the German language.

I hope it works ok. This computer doesn’t actually have any sound at the moment…

My ex-colleague had come from Luxembourg for the concert (it was actually her that suggested Jan and I go too, seeing as we live in Karlsruhe!) and it was lovely to see her. The concert was really good as well – the Wise Guys are very talented and the songs were pretty funny. I didn’t understand everything, of course, but enough to have a good time.

On Sunday morning we met up with my ex-colleague and her friends again for breakfast – which involved me getting up at 7:30 a.m! Suddenly today’s tiredness doesn’t seem so surprising. We went to a place called Cafe Palaver, which is fabulous. The food is always really good and reasonably priced as well, for example 2 croissants with butter and a little pot of jam costs €4. Highly recommended if you’re ever in Karlsruhe!

After breakfast, the rest of the group had to head for the train station so Jan and I decided to go to the zoo (we have annual passes). We knew the snow leopards had had babies a few months ago, so we were looking forward to seeing the kittens (I think that’s what baby snow leopards are…), but we also discovered another new addition to the zoo. I want to visit the meerkats, because I think they’re great, and two enclosures down we discovered these guys:

Otters! They were so playful and kept looking up at the people watching them and squeaking, almost as if they were trying to communicate. They were probably saying “go away and let us play in peace!”. We then had an hour at home before K came over and we headed off to Mosbach to see another friend perform with her choir, but I’ll write about that in a separate post I think. I have photos to show you of the town (it’s very pretty!) and this post is already long enough…


10 thoughts on “A surprise and a concert

  1. I held a baby hedgehog once. It definitely wasn’t prickly, more “gently pokey” (and hard to describe!) than anything. Lovely little creature, I thought. And otters! I adore otters! We have lots along the Pacific coastline and in the rivers around Vancouver, and they are an extremely popular exhibit at our aquarium. If I had to be an animal, I would be an otter, because they just seem to play and have fun with each other all the time.

  2. Wooow did I actually hear it right? In the chorus they say give me my language back? Did I hear that right? I get excited when I understand some “sentences”. LOL

    The Wise Guys sound good… they’re no Vocaldente of course (who happens to be my favorite a cappella group), but the Wise Guys are pretty good. (Ich habe ein Geheimnis… I think Vocaldente has ruined me for the others – shhh!)

      1. hehe, yes they do say “please give me my language back”. Well done! By the way, if you want German music you can understand, look up Sportfreunde Stiller. They tend to sing pretty clearly and theirs were the first German songs I understood. Look for the song “Ein Kompliment”.
        (And yes, Geständnis, not Geheimnis 😉 )

        I don’t know Vocaldente. I’ve just looked them up and read that their primary influence is The King’s Singers so I suppose they are more of a “serious” a capella group, whereas The Wise Guys tend more towards the a capella pop end of the spectrum.

  3. Oh wow, that was one busy weekend.
    But who I am to say that, mine are always busy too. Sounds like a lot of fun. And I love the song. Haven’t heard of the Wise Guys, but I like the song. Guess I have to look into them a bit.

  4. Thanks for the recommending Sportfreunde Stiller! Appreciate it! I’m on the lookout for things to listen to or read. I’m getting impatient (if you’ve read my blog, you probably know this about me already).

    Sometimes I despair of ever learning as quickly as I want to. I still have trouble memorizing verbs so that really impairs my attempts at conversations. Not to mention the whole gamut of grammar rules that I have to contend with. Aaaagh!

    There was an a cappella festival here last month and I saw another a cappella group that liked to render pop songs. They were good but on that day their harmony bugged me a bit because they sounded off-key. Shame. They were lovely though, and I still enjoyed their performance. The Aussie lady next to me thoroughly enjoyed the show. Made me think – what would she have felt if this were Vocaldente? LOL Yes, Vocaldente is just that good. Hope you can catch one of their shows next time!

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