It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The decorations are up in the shopping centre, the stands for the Christmas market have started appearing, ready for opening day (29 November) and all my Facebook friends in England seem to be able to talk about is the Coca Cola advert (you know, the “Holidays are coming” one). My flat is being slowly taken over by Christmas too. My grandparents gave us our gifts from them in September when we were over ad one very organised penpal has already sent me a box of things, which I’ve put to one side unopened like a good girl.And to make matters worse, I received my first Christmas card today… from England, sent by a friend with a 3 month old baby. How does she manage to be that organised when I, who has no children, can barely even manage to keep my flat clean?! Add to all the above the fact that I’ve nearly finished putting Jan’s advent calendar together (ok, I’m a little bit organised, but 1 December is lot sooner than Christmas!) and suddenly the festive season is beginning to look very close indeed.

Christmas table decorations

But I’m not ready for Christmas yet! I may have resigned myself to the cold and got out my winter coat, gloves and scarf (no hat yet though), but inwardly I’m still wondering where July went. Surely it hasn’t been a whole four months since my sister came to stay? I wish I could just ignore the approach of December for a while, but unfortunately there are presents to be bought and if I don’t do it now there’s no way they’ll arrive in time to be sent on to England! Then there are all the plans that need making – when shall we visit the Karlsruhe christmas market? Which date would be good for my annual Christmas dinner? What biscuits should we bake together with Jan’s choir? I’m exhausted just thinking about it! For Christmas this year, all I want is a little time so I can actually enjoy 2013!

And now I have to do some work, otherwise I’ll never have this translation ready by 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. Overtime! No wonder I’m having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit…


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