More Friday letters

Photo5_red_ribbon (Photo credit: Jayegirl99)

Another week over, and another busy one it’s been. Ill colleague always means lots of extra work  for me. It’s over now though, thank goodness. Will have to make this a short post as I’m off to a birthday party tonight and need to get ready. Here are this weeks Friday letters:

Dear Americans at the bus stop. In the 4 minutes we were standing there, I actually lost count of how many times you used the word like – and the phrase I was like/we were like. Way to reinforce stereotypes! (Small sample: “Some people like come to class early and they like leave their bags on seats. Then they come back at like 10:15 and I’m like ‘who the hell are you?’”)

Dear “likers” of my blog. While it is nice to have people liking my blog, it’s a little scary when you do it within seconds of me pressing publish. The fact that you never actually comment does not make things better. Who are you and what do you want from me? (To those of you who like posts and leave a comment, I don’t mean you!)

Dear man at the train station. Thank you for rescuing my chocolate bar from the vending machine for me!

Dear weekend. I know I have lots of plans again, but could you please go by a little slower than the last one. After the week I’ve had I seriously need some rest!

Dear Primark. It’s probably kind of sad that I’m this excited about you opening in Karlsruhe, but I really don’t care. I LOVE my purchases (blog post on that to come).

Dear Newcastle United players. Could the injuries please stop now.  Six of our key players are out with injuries (plus a few I’m not sure about) and now Cisse is doubtful. It won’t be long before there are none of you left to play…

Dear sleep. I miss you. How does a lie in on Sunday sound?

That’s all from me. Party time!



7 thoughts on “More Friday letters

    1. Thank you – you have a good weekend too. I hope you find something to do 🙂

      You should join in. It’s fun and means I always have something to blog about on a Friday at least 😀

      1. Ha ha, that’s true! But I am wondering whom I should dedicate the Friday letters to… Need to think about that for a while I guess… Yes, I will def find something to do, I have a long tbr list — I might catch up on some books waiting for me upstairs 🙂 I am kind of a bookish person (I am also outgoing, though). I still have some Charles Dickens (a Christmas Carol) which I postponed until later this year, and I quite find, it IS later this year,,,

  1. Hahaha, completely guilty of saying like/we were like nine times a sentence. I find myself writing it too, which I know is bad, but I just can’t stop myself!

    Fabulous scarf, for the record!

    1. Haha, I was absolutely fascinated by their conversation! Where I’m from, we put lie on the end of sentence (as in “Are you not coming, like?” If you’ve ever seem Billy Elliott, it’s like that) but I don’t know anybody who uses like as much as those Americans – and that includes all the Americans I know!

      The scarf is fabulous, isn’t it?

  2. The truly hope the conversation with all of the “likes” was one between a group of young people (hopefully teenagers)…it’s very common when you’re young to overuse that word but we eventually grow up and realize how stupid we sound saying it. That and “You know?” I tell my boys every time you say “like” God kills a kitten. Then when they say “like” I just go “Meow!”…LOL!

    1. Haha, very clever. Does it work?

      They got on the bus at the university and seemed to be students on a year/semester abroad, so I would guess early 20s. None of the Americans I know overuse the word “like” that I’ve noticed, but you couldn’t help notice it with these ones!

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