Christmas baking – round one!

Cookies close up

It is now December, which obviously gives me free licence to consume lots of sugary goodness (and Glühwein) all in the name of “getting in the Christmas spirit”. The first Glühwein of the season was had yesterday, so today – being the first Adventssonntag” (Advent Sunday) of the year, it was the turn of Christmas baking – round one. Rest assured, there will be other rounds! For today’s effort, I choose to make Christmas cookies, which are basically vanilla chocolate chip cookies, but with red and green M&Ms instead of chocolate chips. Because anything red and green automatically equals Christmas. Or leprechauns – one of the two.

Christmas cookiesI’m sure you’ve all guessed by now that the photos in this post show my cookies. Very Christmassy, no?
If I was German (or my boyfriend actually upheld his traditions!), we would have a wreath with four candles, the first of which would have to be lit today. We would then sit around said lit candle and have Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) or Christmas biscuits. I believe religious people would also do some praying, and maybe carol singing (sorry, I’m a bit hazy on the details). As neither of us is religious and only one of us is actually German, we will be lighting an ordinary (scented) candle, making a pot of tea and munching on my delicious Christmas biscuits (well, the boyfriend says they’re delicious, and who am I to argue ;-)). All in our living room, that’s been beautifully decorated for Christmas. I did that today, too.

Happy first Sunday of Advent everybody!


16 thoughts on “Christmas baking – round one!

  1. YAY for cookies! Even though they are evil (well, they are not. Obviously. It is only my ego telling me THEY MAKE ME eat them all. Hm, maybe I should just try and resist temptation, ha ha) they are delicious and belong to Christmas, such as the Gluehwein does 😉 I have to make sure to also jump on one of those lovely Christmas markets to grab one soon!

    Happy Advent & pre-Christmas time

  2. I feel like I need to learn some of these traditions myself and to make more of a fuss about them for Milo but I just don’t know them either. I’d love to celebrate one of the Advent Sunday’s in my apartment but I just don’t have a good space for lots of people and no table to put cakes, tea etc and not enough seating. Hmmm. I have pushed his dad (who is German) to do Nikolaus for Milo this year as he has him on the 6th and hopefully he will actually do it.

    1. I hope his dad does do Nikolaus 🙂

      I’m sure you and Milo can bake Christmas biscuits together even if you can’t do a “proper” Advent Sunday. I bet he would love that!

      1. I have that pretty much pre-made Plätchen stuff you can buy from the supermarket that only needs rolling out and cutting. Super lazy I know but whilst I love to cook, I am not much of a baker. Looking forward to doing that though. I’ve told Milo’s dad he HAS to do Nikolaus because I know all the children will be talking about it at Kita that day and I don’t want Milo to be the only child that doesn’t have it.

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