Turkey time!

Today is the day of my annual Christmas dinner, otherwise known as showing the Germans how it’s done in the UK (and that British cooking is not actually terrible, honest) day. Except this year there will also be a Scot joining us, and she already knows how it’s done. So she’ll just have to join the ranks of the showers (that’s ones who show, not appliance that squirts water at you) rather than the showees.

Here’s my 2010 turkey for you (it seems I took no photos last year). For obvious reasons, I can’t show you this year’s outcome yet (it’s only just gone in the oven).

TurkeyI haven’t poisoned anyone yet. Let’s hope this year isn’t the first time 😉


4 thoughts on “Turkey time!

  1. I can’t wait to see your pictures of your dinner and find out what y’all had on the menu. 🙂 By the looks of your 2010 dinner, I’m sure everything went amazing! I will have a big crowd this year for Christmas dinner: my brother and his wife will be visiting from Florida (I hope they bring their long johns!), my daughter (from Florida) and her boyfriend who will be visiting from your neck of the woods. Turkey and pumpkin pie will be made since that is not something he has had (in Germany). He did mention something about a Black Forest Cake. Have you made this before?

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