Even more owls

I don’t really have anything to say today (some might say I never do ;-)), but I remembered that almost three weeks ago I promised The Pink Rachael that I would put up a photo of the new dress I mentioned in my Friday letters.

I never did get round to it, so I’m taking the opportunity now. Here’s the latest addition to my owl family:

Owl dressHere’s a close up of the owls at the bottom. Because of the way the dress is hanging, you can’t see the red owl on the picture above. It is there, just hidden behind a fold.

Close up owlsDid you know the collective noun for owls is a parliament? If I carry on the way I’m going I’m definitely going to have a whole parliament of owls in my flat! (And while we’re on the subject of collective nouns, a group of rhinos is known as a crash. How very appropriate!)


4 thoughts on “Even more owls

  1. Love the dress. Love the fact that a group of owls is a parliament (it seems fitting since they are supposed to be so wise…and everyone in parliament seems to be so….well, not wise to be polite!!) And totally love that a group fo rhinos is called a crash!! I want to go to the zoo NOW just so I can go “Oh, look – a crash of rhinos!”

  2. I did hear the noun parliament in connection with owls, but had no clou about crashs …

    I LOVE your dress. I love owls probably as much as you do and I certainly have already a small parliament at my place here 😉 Owls are simply amazing. And my favorite animals. Together with giraffes.


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