Thinking of 35 things to do before I turn 35

35 (number)
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There are lists all over the blogosphere of things people want to do before turning 30 years old – it seems to be the magic (or rather opposite of magic) number that makes people panic and suddenly realise they’re getting old.

Since I’m turning 30 in only a little over 6 months (eeeeek!) and I’m already doing my 30 German towns before 30 challenge, I decided to leap straight onto the 35 before 35 bandwagon. Anything to help me feel like I’ve achieved something in my life!

I haven’t managed to complete my list yet – thinking of 35 things is actually pretty difficult! But here’s what I have so far. You may notice that some of them were taken from my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, which I failed to finish. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this challenge!

  1. Visit the Ukraine
  2. Eat fondue in Switzerland
  3. Learn Spanish
  4. See another musical (possibly Phantom of the Opera)
  5. Get over my fear of sewing machines and learn to use one
  6. Travel round Britain again

    English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mi...
    A hot air balloon in flight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  7. Complete a cross stitch picture for myself
  8. Do 3 OU courses
  9. Make cheesecake
  10. Go whale watching
  11. Spend a night in a 5 star hotel and order room service
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon
  13. Read (or re-read) 50 non-fiction books
  14. Go back to Austria and finally try Marillenknödel
  15. Read 20 books in German
  16. Spend New Year on Madeira and see the fireworks display (it previously held the record for the world’s largest!)
  17. See a Shakespeare play (not performed by Oddsocks)
  18. Bake 10 different kinds of biscuits
  19. Find a recipe for garlic soup and make it
  20. Attend a world cup rugby match

So there you have it. I need 15 more. Ideas anyone? NOT bungee jumping – I will never, ever do that! I’m willing to consider most other things though. Once I have all 35 I’ll make a page where I can cross things off.

Oh, and immediately after starting to make my list, I remembered that the amazing Thoughtsy from Thoughts Appear is doing her very own 35 before 35 challenge (having previously completed 30 before 30 – I told you she was amazing!). I swear, I didn’t steal this idea from you, Thoughtsy 😉


19 thoughts on “Thinking of 35 things to do before I turn 35

  1. Well, I could definitely try to help – badly – with number 3 and would be more than happy to accompany you round any northern towns that make your tour of Britain! I like this idea, I’m going to steal it too (and top of the list is going to be the also-stolen idea of a 5 star hotel with room service! haha!)! I’ll have a think about your last 15 things to do…

    1. Yay! Last time I did a tour of Britain we didn’t do much in the North (other than a few days in Northumberland – seeing the parents was obviously a must!). I’ve never even been to Manchester would you believe, so that will definitely be on the list next time.

      Can’t wait to see your version!

  2. Sí, español! I’m in the final year of my language degree and I’m really worried about forgetting it all when I finish. So feel free to pop over for a chat when you get started 🙂 Also have you seen this site? I know you’re a linguist already, but this guy has some interesting articles occasionally.

    1. I have seen that before, but I’d forgotten about it so thanks for reminding me!

      I started learning Spanish before but didn’t get very far. And now I’ve forgotten most of what I learned. Hopefully I’ll do better this time!

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