Some suggestions for the before 35 list

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The other day, I mentioned that I’m in the process of making a list of things to do before I turn 35. I had only got as far as number 20 and was looking for suggestions for the final 15. I decided to open the question up to Facebook as well and got quite an interesting response. Here are the suggestions I’ve been given so far, plus the occasional comment from me:

  • Skydive → This one came up twice. I’m considering, but not sure yet.
  • Learn a musical instrument → From someone very musical. I would have to think of something easy to learn. The tamberine could be about my level 😉
  • Take a cake decorating class → I like this one!
  • Start a meetup club (book club, international club, young 30s group, whatever)
  • Travel first class → Done before. Not actually that exciting.
  • Run a 5k (or 10k or half marathon if you’ve done a 5k) → Hmm, I hate running!
  • Go rock climbing
  • Climb the Kilimanjaro
  • Travel down the Yangtze River in China → Probably an amazing experience, but I’m in two minds about whether I want to go to China.
  • Amazon rainforest or the place where the monks look after the tigers → From my sister. The latter would be the Tiger Temple in Thailand, I believe 😉
  • I’d put Russia or the trans Siberian there → A friend who is currently travelling the world. I have the Ukraine already – close enough?
  • Zorbing
  • Soaring → A German writing in English. I’m guessing he means gliding.
  • Australia → From my uncle’s partner. They live in Australia. This one is a possibility.
  • Dive the Great Barrier Reef → From my uncle in Australia. He also comments “one of the best things I’ve done” and he’s done A LOT. Diving though… not sure.
  • African safari → The same uncle. Before Australia, they owned a backpackers guest house in South Africa.
  • The Postojnska cave in Slovenia (click the name to view the website) → This is sooo on the list! It looks AWESOME!
  • Swim the entire length of the River Rhine → I hope this was meant as a joke. Either way it’s not happening!

I think if I actually wanted to do all these Ithink I will  need a better paid job! But one with lots and lots of annual leave… does such a thing exist? I have got a few new ideas now though. Updated list will follow in a few days.

17 thoughts on “Some suggestions for the before 35 list

  1. Having passed 35 by nearly 5 years. Gulp these are the things I am glad I did before. Buy a house and pay off the mortgage, it was easier back then when property developing worked. Done a big road trip. au maybe? Fallen truly madly deeply 🙂 tick. Had a low key but romantic wedding. Had a baby, not for everyone but was a must do for me.

    1. Weddings, babies… I would love to, but those things take 2. Buy a house.. again, would love to. Jan doesn’t see why it’s impotant – lots of Germans spend their whole lives in rented flats! Different mentalities…

  2. Aww that sounds great, although I agree with you that it would be hard to master everything in that short time (Not that I mean that you’re about to turn 35 very soon, it is just that I thought all the traveling is probably meant for a life time list.). Diving is also not quite my thing, even though those colorful fishes look great — on photos, ha ha! I have joined a reading club for example, in which I committed to have read a certain amount of books in 5 years. How about including your tbr shelf into your list? 🙂
    Lovely post!!


  3. That’s SO cool your uncle owned a backpacker’s guest house in South Africa, I bet you get to meet such interesting people all the time doing that. What a dream! And the Rhine thing is hilarious, no way everrrr

    1. My sister stayed with them in South Africa. That’s where she met her (Sotuh African) boyfriend when he came down with friends for a stag weekend. My uncle always has amazing stories about the things he’s done!

      Re. Rhine – I knoww! Does he realise what’s IN that river?!

  4. I love the book club idea! Perfect since you enjoy reding and want to socialise! I’m in a book group, meet once a month, all read the same book or sometimes different books by same author. Love it!

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