Please don’t eat me…

I was sitting in the pub yesterday, minding my own business, eating my dessert, when suddenly this appeared on my plate:

Face in my dessert

How am I supposed to finish my meal when it’s looking at me like that?


6 thoughts on “Please don’t eat me…

  1. hahaha! that would have freaked me out entirely! qhich option did you go with – stop eating or swirl and smash it til you could pretend it was never there, then scarf down the lot before you could think about it anymore?!

    1. I kind of tried to eat around it, then I got too close and it changed into a weird grinning face with lopsided eyes! (Wish I’d thought to get a photo ofthat, too.) That was the stage where I quickly stirred it around and demolished the rst before anything else could happen!

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