Friday letters

So, it’s Friday again. This week has been a bit of a weird one. On one hand, it feels like only a few days since I was getting ready for last weekend (which, of course, went far too fast). But  at the same time, I’ve had so many texts to translate that by Wednesday I already felt like I’d done at least a week’s worth of work and the weekend would never come.

Anyway, on to Friday’s letters…

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Dear boyfriend. I hope when you return from your week-long dissertation conference you’ll be able to relax a little. Having you come to bed at 4 a.m. has not been fun for me, and I can’t imagine you’ve enjoyed it very much either!

Dear flat. Jan is away for a week from Sunday–Saturday, so it’s just you and me. I’m actually quite looking forward to having you all to myself! Just so you know, I have major spring cleaning plans (and no, I don’t care that spring isn’t even on the horizon yet. You are getting blitzed!).

Dear boyfriend’s dissertation professor. Was it really necessary to schedule this year’s conference thingy so that my boyfriend is away on his birthday? Not impressed!

Dear organic spelt cookies with ginger and chocolate chips. Why must you taste so good? You’re seriously not helping with the healthy eating thing! Treats in moderation are fine… but it’s impossible to eat only a moderate amount of you!

Dear Pride and Prejudice. I promise I am going to start reading you this weekend. I would have got to you sooner if I hadn’t been too tired to read my previous book on my morning commute. I’ve finished that book now though, and will be moving on to you next!

Dear readers. As you may have noticed, my 35 before 35 list now has its very own page (click here). However, I still don’t have 35 items. Please keep your suggestions coming!

Dear February. I know you’re technically one of the winter months, but was it really necessary for the temperature to drop back down to 4°C this morning?



7 thoughts on “Friday letters

  1. those cookies do indeed sound awesome, and I had to laugh at the “everything in moderation” comments – I took half a kilo bar of dairy milk into school to share with the kids today…sharing precious english chocolate with 6 year olds who don’t know the difference (well, they do – I have instilled in them a lifelong awe of cadburys!) just to try and take the temptation away! My chocolate shelf is getting emptier, there are no biscuits in the cupboard…I think the onl yproblem with this is that Easter parcels from my mum will soon arrive and I can always buy more! sucks that Jan’s conference is over his birthday, sure you can make up for it afterwards though! And I totally know what you mean about enjoying having the flat – when Cesar was here and used to go and visit family, I used to love having odd weekends to just be on my own (and now it’s all mine proper it’s even better! Hark at me finding positives!) well, super long comment, sorry – enjoy the weekend!

      1. I had creme eggs for christmas – that’s early! At least here I’m not so tempted, there’s no decent chocolate (last year I got Cesar to buy me an egg from one of the shops near us, thinking like Thorntons equivalent – it was €20 for a standard sized egg :O!!)

  2. Have you considered a film challenge for one of your 35? I have tried loads in the past, last year I watched 12 previously unseen BFI Best British films, and this year I am doing Hitchcock. There are loads of ‘Best’ lists out there to choose from!

    1. I had a few film challenges on my 101 things in 1001 days list:

      24. Watch 10 films from the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” list -> managed 1 out of 10
      25. Watch a film in Spanish -> Did it! I watched Biutiful
      26. Go to the cinema 10 times -> Managed 4
      27. Watch 5 films from the year I was born -> zero! I didn’t watch a single film from 1983!

      I don’t think I’m very good at film challenges 😉

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