An update on the appendix situation

Thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday’s post. After speaking to Jan last night, I was reassured that everything is looking good. He told me the surgery went well, and at the time I spoke to him he’d just started being able to feel his legs again as the general anaesthetic wore off. The downside, of course, was that he could also feel the pain from the surgery. He wasn’t allowed to eat yesterday, but today he was to be allowed soup and, if that went well, tomorrow he’ll be allowed solid foods. All going well, he will be allowed to take his original flight back with his colleagues. I’m hoping like mad that that’s the case – I don’t like to think of him on his own on a later flight having been so ill! With his colleagues around, some of whom I actually know, I feel like he’ll at least be in good hands.

little poo
little poo (Photo credit: roboppy)

On a (slightly) lighter note, after Jan informed me that he was going to have his appendix out, I googled appendicitis – as you do (or as I do anyway) – and found it that it’s caused by an infection or, more commonly, a blockage. The NHS websitte says “Some cases of appendicitis are thought to be caused by a small piece of faeces getting trapped in your appendix and causing a blockage. Bacteria in the appendix then start to multiply, causing it to fill up with pus and swell.” Other causes of the blockage include inflammatory bowel disease, such as Chron’s disease, and ulceritive colitis. Since Jan has neither of those, the most likely cause for him is probably the first one. So my boyfriend is in hospital because he got a bit of pooh in his appendix! At least a small source of amusement in amongst all the worry. (Yes, I find pooh funny… I may, in fact, be a five-year-old boy…)

I am writing this from work (but having finished working for the day, so I’m not doing anything naughty ;-)) and am about to go out for a meal with my colleagues. One less evening alone, and that much closer to having my boyfriend back home with me and I “have living, walking proof he’s all in one piece again” to quote The Pink Rachael, whose comment yesterday was absolutely spot on!


12 thoughts on “An update on the appendix situation

    1. Apparantly the doctors all speak English. The nurses not so much, but he has an interpreter.

      He was allowed to get up and walk around today, and he ate some soup earlier so it all sounds promising.

  1. I’m honoured to be quoted in such a prestigious poo-filled post! Haha! Glad to hear all is going well! Enjoy your meal (and plenty of vino to accompany it!)x

    1. I am doing my best not to worry. I did feel much better after he told me he’d been walking around. I just keep telling myself “At least it’s only Turkey – it could have been Kazakhstan or somewhere!”.

    1. I hope they’ll let him out of hospital tomorrow and he’ll fly home with the others. We’ll see. It’s just so annoying that it happened while he was in Turkey of all places! (Although my colleague pointed out that America would have been worse, both in terms of distance and time difference!)

  2. Wow – miss a day reading a blog and THIS happens! Glad to hear that the surgery went well and that Jan is on the mend and will hopefully be able to fly home with his colleagues. Scary situation for all – sounds like you’re dealing reasonably well, though. Hugs! xo

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