Down with salads!


After consuming an entire packet of biscuits all by myself on Sunday, on Monday it was time to resume my healthy eating plan. New week, new start and all that.

I had bought a cheese and ham salad from Aldi that I was quite excited about. It’s very unusual for a salad to contain no ingredients that I won’t eat, but this one had managed it. No cucumber, no pepper, no boiled eggs. Cherry tomatoes (good!) rather than ordinary tomatoes (I only like them when they’re cooked). It should have been the perfect Bevchen salad… except it wasn’t.

The grated carrots were mushy, half the croutons were soft and I found one hard piece each of ham and cheese (those went straight in the bin!). Even the bits of ham that weren’t hard didn’t taste particularly nice, and I ended up feeling slightly sick. On the bright side, that meant I didn’t want anything else to eat for the rest of the afternoon (a good thing because I didn’t have anything else with me… and by the time I’d forced down the salad my lunch break was over).

In future, I’m sticking with the biscuits!


Brief update on Jan: He has to stay in Turkey until Monday as he won’t be safe to fly until then. I suspected that this would be the case despite his initally assuring me that he should be able to fly home with the rest of them. Major disappointment, but better than him flying when it’s not safe.

And on an entirely unrelated note, how and why did two people manage to find my blog by searching for “girls playing with noose”? Should I be worried?…

11 thoughts on “Down with salads!

  1. I love peppers – salad is not salad without them! With you on the cherry tomatoes though! And, ok, I’m just going to do it. I’m going to be a supermarket snob and say next time go to Sainsburys! Haha! (Ok, even their salads are awful!) this week I have been terrible – eating everything in sight, no running (it’s freezing and end of term tiredness is setting in!)…but next week! Next week I start again (after also eating a lot of biscuits at the weekend to prepare myself!

      1. I know – part of the reason I can’t wait to be back in England is to be able to go to Sainsburys again (I hate that despite how sad that is, it’s actually true!)

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