The wanderer returns!

Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch
Photo credit: Rebecca Withers

I have my boyfriend back! Minus a little piece of him, but not looking any the worse for wear. He’ll have this week off work to recover (so I’ve taken the opportunity to order some things online while there will be someone hoe to open the door to the postman). I’m taking Friday off – just waiting to get my signed holiday for back but it’s already agreed – so we’ll have a long weekend together.

And now I’m going to eat my first meal with my boyfriend in over a week.

12 thoughts on “The wanderer returns!

      1. I updated the post on it, but basically it was blocked because I went over some roaming price limit (that he didn’t know about) and the provider assumed it had been stolen.

  1. SO glad he’s home (and even better that you have such a perfect excuse for some online shopping!!) Only just seen yesterday’s post too, but that feeling of not knowing is THE WORST, you *know* it’s all fine, but your head still somehow manages to convince you otherwise! Glad all is well now!

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